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  • Can kids cook?
    YES!!! You would be surprised how many people do not value teaching kids to cook. I spent many of years trying to convince my mentors that teaching kids (with obesity) to cook would be a good idea. Slowly, the idea began to take hold and one mentor helped me think through some of my ideas and even add a survey to one of his studies. Another very special mentor did what any truly amazing mentor would. He said, "Chanelle, I will give you X amount of money." Well, that was a huge blessing and unexpected blessing! The funds didn't pay for my salary and I had to beg people to volunteer long nights and many hours, but we did it! And if I can say so myself, it was a pretty darn awesome research endeavor. It was one of the best experiences of my life. And for that, I am truly grateful. I smile now everytime I see research studies or organizations pop up that teach kids to cook, because, I knew back in 2006 that it was a fantastic idea. And what is even better, I didn't let go of the idea no matter how much red tape there was. To me, it is common sense. But, so many people think either kids can’t cook, it won’t help, or that it is dangerous. Myth! There are so many benefits to teaching kids (or for that matter adults who have never learned), how to cook. In my pilot study, anecdotal comments from adolescents and parents alike were that they loved the classes and the skills they were learning. COOKING IS A LIFE SKILL Cooking lessons are just as important as the swim lessons that we are so eager to grab!
  • Do you do parties?
    Oh my goodness, do we do parties!!! We love parties. Ask about CuTiEs This is a special division of TCCA. What is CuTiEs and why are the C, T and E emphasized? Well for it’s namesake, Chanelle and Taylor’s Events. The inspiration behind CuTiEs is my oldest daughter (who was 5 years old at the time). One day we were squeezing lemons left from Easter dessert and she said she wanted to have a lemon party. She started to rattle off all these great ideas like teaching her friends how to squeeze lemons, a lemon hunt in the backyard, lemon cupcakes, fresh lemonade, lemon props, and even having attendees wear yellow attire. I was so amazed and impressed with her imagination and planning that I wanted to foster that creativity and excitement. And so, CutiE’s was born. Our Motto: “We’re not fancy, just cute” Our Goal: Teaching children to be masters of their own plan What will we do? We will foster self confidence, research skills, goal-setting, planning, decision-making, creativity, and sense of pride/accomplishment by helping you and your child plan awesome events (play dates, birthdays, you name it) Charity: We donate a portion of our proceeds to benefit your child’s charity of choice each (we believe in helping others). In fact, at every birthday, my girls collect items to donate to give to a charity in lieu of birthday gifts. don’t worry, they still get plenty of gifts Afterall, “tis better to give than to receive”
  • Where will you travel?
    Give us a call and we'd be happy to discuss. We go further than you might think!!!
  • Can parents join the fun?
    We are a family friendly business and always encourage parents to join if they'd like!!!
  • What will my child learn?
    Math skills (counting, measuring, sequence) Language skills (reading recipes, new words) Listening skills Playful palate (if they play with food, they just might eat it) Confidence builder Sensory satisfier (touch, smell, see, hear, and taste) Health conscious (knowing what is in food, where food comes from, what combinations work well together, how to eat it)
  • What will my child cook?
    That depends on the class or package chosen! We do like to follow the MyPlate guidelines of a balanced diet when the chosen menu allows for it. We also respect "everything in moderation"!
  • What if my child has an allergy?
    We are committed to making a safe and fun environment for all! Therefore, we will discuss your child with you and make accomodations so that he or she can join every part of the fun as well!
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