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Hi There, I'm Chanelle aka The Crafty Chef!

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Ever since I was young, I enjoyed playing in the kitchen and coming up with crafty confections with my mom and aunt. So, my mom did what good moms do… she nurtured my strengths and signed me up for a cooking class. I had the best time doing “Kids in the Kitchen” at the YMCA. Let’s not forget the amazing time in HomeEc too. So many fun opportunities back then and it is my goal to bring such fond memories and life skills to your child.

I’m a psychologist by day and a mom by day, night, and everything in between. As a psychologist, I help adults and children cope with challenges they may experience. My specialty is in obesity. I have worked in a number of medical weight management programs across the country providing individual and group treatment. I have also taught wellness classes at the YMCA. But my all-time fav, well, that would be doing workshops and cooking classes to educate others about healthy lifestyles.

So why cooking? Well, I spent a lot of years going to school to become a psychologist, but my passion has and always will be cooking and crafting. You could say crafting and cooking are my therapy. When I set out to get a real job, a great mentor told me to marry my profession with my passion. Hmmm, baking cupcakes and treating childhood obesity seem like polar opposites. After much thought and many comments from parents and kids that they didn’t know how to make healthy foods, I realized that I could teach my patients how to cook healthy. And just like that, my dream became a reality.

When I’m not working or playing mom, you can bet that I’m in my happy place. That is, whipping up fun (mostly in the kitchen) with my 3 little sous chefs.


Enough about me, I want to teach you and your child how to go back to the basics and eat to live. Kids, and all of us for that matter, learn by doing. “I hear, and I forget/I see, and I remember/I do, and I understand.” The best thing you can do to raise a healthy and confident child is to allow them to create and learn in a supportive and encouraging environment. The skills they will learn at The Crafty Chef Academy will not only serve them well in the kitchen, but will also provide them with immeasurable self-confidence and life skills.


And because I love quotes, one more just fits perfectly here :

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a dayteach a man to fish 

and you feed him for a lifetime.”


My Daisy troop had sooo much fun with their Campfire S'mores cupcake event! It was a great end of the year party!


It was so creative and the presentation was beautiful.


The adults who were helping out enjoyed themselves and we actually learned something too. I am definitely going to try and plan another event.


The price point was perfect.

Events & Workshops

Classes and Camps


We're known for our over the top classes, camps, and Drop and Chops. Click to find out what's on the calendar so you, too, can Craft.Cook.Create!!!




Looking for an innovative way to celebrate your child's special day? Something that builds confidence and is creatively satisfying? An activity that will unknowingly teach them a life skill? Consider a Crafty Chef Celebration!

Amy C.


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