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CuTiEs is our special ParTay division of

The Crafty Chef Academy, LLC

We offer: 

  • Cooking Parties

  • Baking Parties

  • Cake, Cupcake, Cookie Decorating

  • Candy Making

  • and of course, Crafting

Please call 610 781 6611 or email us for the delicious details and a personalized proposal!

The story behind CuTiEs...

The "C", "T", and "E" are emphasized for "Chanelle and Taylor's Events". The inspiration behind CuTiEs is our oldest daughter who puts the "Tay" in "ParTay". 

When she was just 5 years old, we were squeezing lemons left from Easter and she said she wanted to have a lemon party. She began to rattle off all of these great ideas like teaching her friends how to squeeze lemons, planning a lemon hunt in the backyard, making lemon cupcakes and fresh lemonade, having lemon props, and even asking guests to wear yellow attire. 

We were so amazed by her imagination and planning that we wanted to foster that creativity and excitement. And, so, CuTiEs was born. 

Our Motto: 

"We're not fancy, just cute"

Our Goal: 

Teaching children to be masters of their own plan. 

What will we do: 

We will foster self-confidence, research skills, goal-setting, planning, decision-making, creativity, and a sense of pride/accomplishment by helping you and your child plan awesome events (birthdays, play dates, you name it...)


We donate a portion of proceeds from each party to benefit your child's charity of choice because we believe in spreading kindness in everything we do! In fact, it is a tradition that our daughters make some kind of a donation from their birthday parties. "Tis better to give than to receive".

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